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Review | The Spanish Fly

The Spanish Fly

The spanish fly is a tapas bar that I had been dying to try out for a few months. A few of my friends had raved about how beautiful the food was, so when I tried it out, I saw what all the fuss was about! From the Sangria to the octopus, to the mushroom-filled Tortellini, the food reminded me of the many Tapas bars I visited whilst in Barcelona a year ago. I would definitely recommend trying this place out!

Travel | Sangria


Tapas 24 was not just amazing because of the food served, but it served up the best sangria I have come accross. Deep wide-mouthed glasses filled with cold, sweetened wine is my idea of a heavenly drink. It was my first experience of Sangria, and it was the best.

Sangria – My take on it:

1 bottle red wine
350 ml cranberry juice
The juice of two oranges
1/4 cup brandy
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Add all ingredients to a big jug and refrigerate for 24 hrs. Serve with ice cubes and orange slices.