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Hello Kitty Diner


Ohh my inner asian was thrilled to discover that Hello Kitty Diner had opened at the Chatswood Interchange.

I don’t know about you guys, but i’m a huge fan of novelty restaurants – always have been! My first experience of a novelty restaurant, and one in which I hold a high opinion of is Xerts Restaurant. Xerts was a family friendly restaurant that was set out to look like a spaceship. You started by ‘lifting off’ in a spaceship (aka the lift). Once you reached the top, you entered the inside of a spaceship that hovered around the milky way. The restaurant boasted futuristic elements with diner style tables and a computer in your booth to order your food. Now please note, this restaurant was huge in 2000, so computers to order your food on was out of this world – literally! However now that isn’t anything out of the ordinary. This restaurant was a sure treat to visit and was my childhood fave!

So as you can see, getting the chance to visit the Hello Kitty Diner was totally up my street and brought out my inner child, and inner asian! The seating, like Xerts, was booth style, and resembled that of an american diner. The restaurant had pink elements everywhere, it almost looked like the air was pink! The food was american diner inspired as well, with an asian flair. For instance, there was a Korean fried chicken burger with kimchi slaw, or sweet potato chips with miso mayo. The miso mayo was divine, delectably savoury, with a hint of sweetness.


I ordered what I had seen floating around Instagram – the Hello Kitty waffle with fried chicken and maple syrup. I was a skeptic at first, sweet dessert, with fried ‘dinner food’ didn’t seem like a match made in heaven. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dish was so delicious, and perfectly balanced – worth going back for! I wasn’t a fan of the sweet potato fries however, they were sogy and lacked that moorish crunch. Furthermore, the Hello Kitty Diner soda was way too sweet with no flavour, dont order it!


The burgers were okay, just standard burgers cooked well, with a soft brioche bun, nothing to really rave on about. However I do want to go back to try that Korean fried chicken burger that I mentioned before, as their fried chicken and waffles was delicious.

All in all, go check this place out, its cute, well priced and

Xerts Restaurant, Darling Harbour


Hello Kitty Diner, Chatswood Interchange