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Travel | Patatas Bravas

Patatas Braves

Almost every country is home to the American hot chips or fries, from Mcdonalds stores to local fried food stores, but Spain houses their own, unique version of the hot chip – Patatas Braves. This is a hot chip on steroids! Potato cut into rough shapes and deep fried until crisp and golden. They are then lathered with mayonnaise and hot chilli sauce – Heaven! every Tapas Bar in Spain will offer their own version of Bravas, from potatoes in almost a tomato soup, to crisp potatoes with the sauces drizzled on top. But either way, this tapas dish is so good!

Travel | Bombes de La Barceloneta

Bombes de La Barceloneta

These little jewels were to die for! Essentially it was a moist meatball coated in smooth mashed potato and then fried till crispy and golden. It was topped with the most creamy mayonnaise and spicy chilli sauce. Being brought up in a world where more ingredients meant more flavour, this spanish delicacy was far from familiar. But it was also a way of cooking that I aspire to follow. To be honest, a huge bowl of these babies in front of the telly on a friday night would be glorious! But, served in small portions as they were, I walked away with meatballs on my mind and a wonderful eating experience that I so want to re-create at home in Sydney.