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Kelly’s Bar and Grill | Bondi Junction


Kelly’s Bar and Grill is a South African-style restaurant located on level 6 of Bondi Junction Westfield. Now, don’t be put off by Kelly’s location, as this spot had city views! Level 6 of Westfield Bondi Junction is a foodies dream – some of the best spots including Bondi Pizza, San Churro and New Shanghai all in the one location, overlooking Sydney’s city and Bondi.

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Easy Lane, Windsor



Windsor is a place I have always had fond memories of. I see it as a bit of a ‘country’ escape from Sydney city – however its not too far out, it took me about 30 minutes to get too from my house in Sydney’s Hills. I think it’s so important to escape Sydney every now and then for some peace of mind and relaxation – Well let me tell you my afternoon at Easy Lane was one of the most relaxing afternoons I have had in a long time!

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Hello Kitty Diner


Ohh my inner asian was thrilled to discover that Hello Kitty Diner had opened at the Chatswood Interchange.

I don’t know about you guys, but i’m a huge fan of novelty restaurants – always have been! My first experience of a novelty restaurant, and one in which I hold a high opinion of is Xerts Restaurant. Xerts was a family friendly restaurant that was set out to look like a spaceship. You started by ‘lifting off’ in a spaceship (aka the lift). Once you reached the top, you entered the inside of a spaceship that hovered around the milky way. The restaurant boasted futuristic elements with diner style tables and a computer in your booth to order your food. Now please note, this restaurant was huge in 2000, so computers to order your food on was out of this world – literally! However now that isn’t anything out of the ordinary. This restaurant was a sure treat to visit and was my childhood fave!

So as you can see, getting the chance to visit the Hello Kitty Diner was totally up my street and brought out my inner child, and inner asian! The seating, like Xerts, was booth style, and resembled that of an american diner. The restaurant had pink elements everywhere, it almost looked like the air was pink! The food was american diner inspired as well, with an asian flair. For instance, there was a Korean fried chicken burger with kimchi slaw, or sweet potato chips with miso mayo. The miso mayo was divine, delectably savoury, with a hint of sweetness.


I ordered what I had seen floating around Instagram – the Hello Kitty waffle with fried chicken and maple syrup. I was a skeptic at first, sweet dessert, with fried ‘dinner food’ didn’t seem like a match made in heaven. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dish was so delicious, and perfectly balanced – worth going back for! I wasn’t a fan of the sweet potato fries however, they were sogy and lacked that moorish crunch. Furthermore, the Hello Kitty Diner soda was way too sweet with no flavour, dont order it!


The burgers were okay, just standard burgers cooked well, with a soft brioche bun, nothing to really rave on about. However I do want to go back to try that Korean fried chicken burger that I mentioned before, as their fried chicken and waffles was delicious.

All in all, go check this place out, its cute, well priced and

Xerts Restaurant, Darling Harbour

Hello Kitty Diner, Chatswood Interchange



Chiswick Woollahra


Chiswick is located in Sydney’s prestigious suburb of Woollahra. It boasts simple, elegant food that is always fresh and in season. It is modern-Australian food, with hints of French-themes throughout the menu.

I remember driving down ocean street and thinking to myself, what is that beautiful property? I saw a long white house, set back on the road surrounded by a massive manicured garden.

A while later I was having a conversation with my friend, and she was telling me about a beautiful restaurant in Woollahra called Chiswick. It so happened that that beautiful restaurant was the property that I had driven past a few months before.

Of course, I had to visit! A few days later I booked an 8.30 table, to take my Dad out for dinner. There were very few spots available, and it was a Wednesday night! I could immanently tell that if this place was booked out on a Wednesday, it would be good!

The restaurant was surrounded with windows, which would make it a perfect location for a lunch date. We were seated near the window and were greeted by a french waiter which was appropriate seeing that the restaurant boasted french elements.

Our first course was a Tartare of Beef with a soft boiled quail egg and quinoa chips. I am not a big fan of raw meat, however this didnt taste of raw meat, but that of succulently soft meat marinated in lemon and herbs. It was really delicious! We coupled this starter with a glass of proscecco which was very appropriate seeing that the meat was quite heavy.


For the main, Dad chose the Moran family lamb with fresh greens from the garden. I have to say, this lamb definitely delivered on  quantity, quality, and flavour! It was so so succulent, falling apart! Even the bone was falling apart! It was drizzled with a fresh mint sauce that was zingy and really went well with the lamb. The lamb also came with roasted carrots topped with Dukkah and labneh – which of course I loved as it paid homage to my Arabic heritage!

Finally, for dessert we shared the mango meringue with cookie crumb and mango sorbet! This was light, and has a marsh-mellow texture, perfect end to a delicious, but heavy meal.

I would definitely recommend Chiswick as a restaurant full of real, fresh, high quality food. It is not pretentious food in any way, and definitely not fancy like you would get at Quay, Sepia or Est., however it was delicious and perfect for a father daughter night out.


65 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025

The Tuckshop | Glenhaven


Who would have thought that the new ‘hipster’ style cafe’s would branch out of the city and into the suburbs? What’s more is who would have thought that they would branch out into The Hills! Being a Hills girl myself, I have never been proud of the cafe’s that we have on offer out here, and always opted to travel closer to the city to meet friends. However, 2015 has brought a new wave of gorgeous, trendy cafe’s into this area, where people are traveling from all over Sydney to get to – I know, crazy!

One of these so called ‘hipster’ cafe’s is The Tuckshop in Glenhaven. I had heard people talking about how cool this place was for a long time, with its crate seating, bright vibrant interior and of course their delicious food; burgers, breakfast and the like!

So of course, with nothing to do on a Tuesday morning, and being my hangry self, I dragged myself out of bed and headed five minutes down the road to The Tuckshop to check out whether it matched up to some of my Eastern suburbs – favourite places!

And alas – it did indeed! The Tuckshop brought Glenhaven rd alive for the first time ever! The place was full of young people desperate for a fancy feed. Seating sprawled out into the back courtyard, and onto the side of the cafe, and featured an almost picnic feel. The menu’s were set on the wall for people to help themselves, which gave the place even more of a ‘tuckshop’ vibe. What I loved about the menu was that everything was available all day – even breakfast which was awesome as even though I had slept in, I could still go for what I was craving, muesli.

The toasted muesli ($12) was actually really good, very sweet, however balanced by the natural yogurt. The serving was also very generous! I also (surprisingly) loved the coffee!

All in all, every one should go check this place out, I will definitely be a regular!!

And last thing – it isn’t the city and I cannot care less!


IMG_3132 IMG_3134 IMG_3135

The Tuckshop Cafe

Shop 1/78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven NSW 2156, Australia
+61 2 8850 5549

Via Napoli | Lane Cove


Via Napoli is a cult favourite restaurant, and one of my personal favourites as well! Set along Longueville rd in Lane Cove, its location is unassuming, but the quality of the food here is outstanding! Friarielli from the foot hills of Mt Vesuvius and buffalo mozarella flown in fresh from Naples – it is definitely no comparison to the local pizza shop!

IMG_3104 IMG_3105 IMG_3108

Travel | Meal Times in Paris


Obviously, meal times in Paris meant a mission to eat as many ‘typically french’ dishes as possible. It also meant a week of eating high fat, high carb, highly delicious food! After a long walk around the ground of Versailles, I was starving and my stomach was screaming for crepes.

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Travel | 20th Birthday Foodie Adventures

Travel | 20th Birthday Foodie Adventures

On Monday the 23rd June it was my 20th birthday! I was so excited to finally end my teenage years and begin the rest of my life. Sadly, my one uni exam for the semester fell on this day, right smack bang in the middle of MY day! It was the last thing I wanted to do on my birthday, however, I made a plan to have as much fun as possible before and after the dreaded exam.

I began my day with a trip to The Grounds of Alexandria with my Mum. I had always wanted to visit the grounds, so many of my friends had been there, and the pictures they had uploaded of the food looked incredible! So off we went, in an attempt to cross one restaurant off my long list of restaurants i’m dying to visit!

It was in a really strange location! I had never really explored Alexandria before, so driving through what seemed like an industrial area wasn’t exactly where I would expect to find a happening breakfast spot, and foodie destination! However, in amongst the factories we found a gem! We walked in to what looked like a country village, filled with a flower shop, gourmet grocery store, a bar and of course the cafe! It was such a cool little country escape in amongst industry and the city! There was a bit of a queue for a table, but we didn’t mind seeing as it gave us time to explore. As the waiter lead us too our seats, the vibrant atmosphere got me so excited! There were loads of people enjoying their meals, stands packed with freshly baked bread from their bakery onsite, bread and jam tasting, a dessert stand, there was just so much going on that I didn’t know where to look. There was such a fabulous vibe. I ordered the Brioche Brekky Burger with Polenta Chips and Mum ordered the Brekky Board. I also had their freshly squeezed watermelon and pineapple fruit juice. We were seated right near the kitchen, and I watched all the food being prepared and assembled. Everything looked incredible and made to so keen to come back and try the rest of the breakfast dishes!

The Brekky burger was so delicious! The Brioche was so soft, and surprisingly, the burger was quite light on my stomach.

IMG_9804 IMG_9819 IMG_9821 IMG_9832 IMG_9836 IMG_9837 IMG_9839 IMG_9843 IMG_9852

Later on in the day we went to a place called A Tavola for dinner. I had read reviews for this restaurant and decided to tick yet another restaurant off my long list of places to visit. I had heard about their freshly made pasta that they hang around the restaurant to dry before service, and as we walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn to the pasta drying on the racks. We were greeted with some freshly baked focaccia and chilli olive oil, which immediately excited me as it reminded me of a traditional european restaurant (not the stingy Australian versions where you pay extra for the bread). Dad also ordered an Italian red wine (not sure what it was called as Italian wines come in so many unfamiliar varieties) which was spectacular. I ordered the Pappardelle with Wagyu Ragu and so did my mum and dad. My sister ordered the Mushroom Ravioli with Truffle Sauce. Both dishes were incredible, the pasta cooked al dente which is always promising, and we were given such a generous serving of the hearty Ragu.


IMG_9865 IMG_9869 IMG_9871 IMG_9872

For dessert, just for the sake of jamming one more foodie destination into one day, we went to Riva Reno on Crown st for Gelato. Riva Reno is an Italian gelato chain that has many stores in Italy, but a few in Australia as well. It is by far my favourite gelato in Australia, and is possibly better than the gelato I had in Italy. It has such a thick creamy texture, that it reminds me on eating Nutella. The gelato is kept in metal cylinders to keep it from being exposed to bacteria etc. but also because natural, authentic gelato doesn’t have any preservatives or nitrogen, and so cannot be piled up high on display as we find it here in Australia. To me it makes more sense to store the gelato this way! I would absolutely recommend visiting this place!

I had a fabulous birthday, even though I had an exam (notice I didn’t mention the exam in my recount of the day? It doesnt deserve a mention!)




The Grounds of Alexandria:

A Tavola, Bondi:

Riva Reno:

Travel | Cabramatta

Travel | Cabramatta

If you love classy fine dining restaurants, quality service, big shopping centres filled with top designer boutiques, well, Cabramatta is just not the place for you. Travel 30 km south west of Sydney city and you’ll drive straight into the heart of Vietnam. Cabramatta has one main street, John st, in which majority of the restaurants, fruit markets and Vietnamese clothing shops are packed into. The main street branches out into tiny alleyways packed with people, and so reminiscent of the Binh Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Review | Dining at Liku Liku Lagoon

Dining at Liku Liku Lagoon

While in Fiji during the Christmas holidays, I was lucky enough to dine twice at the renound Fijiana restaurant at Fiji’s 2013 best overseas resort Liku Liku lagoon! The food here was outstanding, from the fresh scallops, to the Goats Cheese Tortellini, to the Banoffee Pie dessert! I was in a foodie’s heaven! I loved how the food was contemporary, but still had a Fiji twist incorporated into the menu.

I can only imagine how difficult it would have been for the chef to create a fine dining Fiji inspired menu, from a cuisine that prides itself on their lovo feasts and curries, but he has certainly succeeded!

The decor in the restaurant was so beautifully islander-themed, from the table cloth to the wooden chairs. Half way through our dinner, while dining in a private room, we heard loud singing and instruments coming from the restaurant. Before we knew it, what seemed like the entirety of the people staying at the resort, along with the staff were in our dining room singing to us and calling everyone up to dance. I was so surprised, and couldn’t stop smiling, as the people staying at the resort had planned to surprise our table! And what was even more surprising was that they did this on both nights that we were at Liku Liku for dinner! Overall I had the best time at Fijiana and would seriously recommend anyone dine there!



Liku Liku Lagoon


Goats Cheese Tortellini


Beautiful Fijian Decor


Crisp Zucchini Bhaji, Tamarind Sauce


Tomato and Basil Sorbet


Banoffee Pie