Food Blogging with my iPhone 7 plus

I was a little skeptical of the new camera on the iPhone 7’s. I thought, how good can the quality of an iphone camera actually be? Would the proposed ‘depth of field’ actually work well? Well, let me tell you, I have been very impressed with ‘Portrait mode’ on the new iOS 10.1 update!

Today I went out for breakfast to one of my favourites, Wild Pear Cafe. I brought my DSLR camera to take some food shots, as I usually do. I am particular about having high quality photos on my blog. I also decided to take a few shots on my iPhone 7 plus to compare the quality. I was so surprised!

Portrait mode is a setting on the camera app on an iPhone 7, with the new software update. It allows the image in focus to be clear, and the background to blur, drawing more attention to the main image. This has the same effect that my 50mm lens creates on my DSLR. It is perfect for food photography, drawing all attention to the plate being captured.

I think I might get away with not lugging my big camera around to cafe’s with me, especially at brunch time when the lighting is great. My iPhone 7 plus is impressing me more and more every day!



  1. Gary Lum

    Those photographs look really good. I’ve been waiting for a matte black 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus to become available. I want to shoot in RAW and then hit the cafes of Canberra.

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