The Glenmore Hotel | The Rocks, Sydney


Arriving at the Riverview Hotel, I was excited for a relaxed afternoon at the roof top bar, the city views and the quality pub food. However, sadly the we arrived on a rainy, cold Sunday afternoon, and were forced to sit indoors…

In my mind, The Riverview Hotel is known purely for their harbour views, seen from the roof top bar. Each time I have visited the Glenmore, the bar has been packed out with people, and I never really realised that there was an option to dine indoors as well.

This devastation, however, was short lived as the quality of the food trumped my excitement for the roof top views. I ordered the Chicken Katsu Burger; crispy succulent chicken, topped with melted american cheese and katsu sauce, with mayonnaise and coleslaw. Who would have thought that a traditional Australian pub nestled amongst the quiet streets of the rocks would create such a clever dish!


The other dish we ordered was the slow cooked beef ribs. These babies were perfectly caramelised, and extremely succulent. I think this dish should have been paired with some mash, or a crisp salad to cut through the heaviness of the ribs, however all in all they really good!

Furthermore, we were placed in a Victorian style dining room, which for most of the afternoon we had all to ourselves. It was very peaceful and relaxing. The downside to this was that the waiters only came to our dining room every so often, service was very slow.

I look forward to returning on a sunny Sunday afternoon to soak up the sun and the harbour views, however all in all I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely our dining experience was despite the weather.


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