Big Daddy’s Burger Bar | Newtown


Big Daddy’s Burger Bar is an American chain, that has just branched out and hit the streets of Sydney. They are most famous for their deadly burgers, and their loaded curly fries.

Of course, as burger LOVERS, recollectionsoffood had to check this place out!


The menu here made me laugh, it was the ‘sassiest’ menu I have ever seen. There were burgers ranging from the ‘Say my name’, to the ‘Who’s your daddy’, to the ‘Dawgs’ and ‘Big Mamas.’  I particularly enjoyed the description of the Bacon Swiss and Mushroom Burger, that said “read it again if you need to know what’s on it.”

To start, we ordered milkshakes. Their milkshake menu was elaborate, and as an American burger joint, I had high hopes for their milkshakes. We ordered the ‘New York Chunky Choc Shake’ and the ‘Maltesers Shake.’ The New York Shake was delicious, thick and sweet, and had chunky pieces of chocolate throughout. The Maltesers shake was pretty similar, just a classic choc shake.

For our main, we ordered the ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ burger. Inside was a beef patty with pulled pork, coleslaw, American and Swiss cheese, Canadian bacon, American mustard and mayo. This burger was crazy good! The bun was soft and lightly toasted, the combination of pulled pork and a beef patty was heavenly! The only criticism I have for this burger is the fact that the bacon wasn’t crispy, however this didn’t stop me from eating it.

We also ordered the Chicken and Bacon Waffles. I was reluctant to order what seemed like a breakfast and dinner dish combined, but man oh man this was so good! The waffle was fluffy, with bacon pieces throughout. The chicken on top was a little dry at times, but the portions were generous. The thing about chicken and waffles is that I get bored of the flavours quickly. It wasn’t my favourite dish on the menu, however it was still very tasty.


For our sides, or ‘Teasers’ as the menu so cleverly put it, we ordered the cheesy fries, the cheese sticks and the chicken wings with blue cheese sauce.

The cheesy fries were a stand out! I could have eaten just this dish as my main and have been satisfied. The curly fries were crispy, the bacon was plentiful, and the cheese sauce was disgustingly good.

The cheese sticks I could have done without. I would describe it as a breaded cheese stringer. They didn’t have much flavour and the cheese had become hard by the time we ate it.

The chicken wings were delicious, just like the chicken on my waffles, at some points dry, however mainly cooked well. The blue cheese sauce however was pretty gross. It was electric blue in colour which weirded me out, and it tasted VERY artificial.


All in all, we would return to Big Daddy’s just for their burgers, curly fries and shakes, as they were a stand out! I think this place is going to be the next biggest foodie destination.

IMG_7036 (1)IMG_7037IMG_7038IMG_7039IMG_7040IMG_7041

*recollectionsoffood were invited to dine at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar by CP Online Marketing, however all opinions are our own.

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar:

(02) 9517 4335

227 King Street,Newtown, Sydney

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