Delhi By The Way

chicken samosa

Authentic. Raw. Inspiring. Real.

Just a few words to express the feel of this amazing place! Hidden in amongst Potts Point was a place filled with inspiring Indian flavours. This couldn’t be better defined as a raw and authentic experience. Taking us back to his roots, Susheel Kumar (Director of Delhi by the Way) and his team went above and beyond to make us feel like we were at home in his family kitchen enjoying his authentic food and incredible hospitality.


delhi sign
We were escorted into the restaurant by some friendly staff, who were soon to show us how much Delhi by the Way had to offer!

The wall of wine! I personally think this is just so creative and utilises as much space as possible. Love it!!


Once you spot a wall of alcohol, you know the bar is close by. The stoned bar itself was gorgeous. It was still under maintenance, so i’m so keen to see what the finished product will be!!

hidden getawayWalking past the bar, there was something I like to describe as a safe haven. Want a quiet meal in amongst Sydney’s bustling King’s Cross? This spot is way too perfect. The combination of a natural colour palette used on the walls and the natural feel (a big tree stump popping through the ceiling) was so perfect and really made me feel like I was in Delhi.

upper interiorWe were then taken upstairs, again something you wouldn’t expect from the outside. So nice and spacious. Although this place looks small from the outside, it is the perfect location for parties and ceremonies with a good amount of space.

hidden getaway ceiling

Last stop: the secluded back porch. Fresh air, leaves falling on the glass roof – such a homely vibe!

After having a tour of the place, we were so excited to dive right into the food.

papdums with a side of raita (yoghurt)

Papadums with a side of Mint Yoghurt

Firstly, we were given a bowl of crisp, warm papadums. I don’t think I’ve seen them this shape before, and they were delicious!


chicken samosa

Chicken Samosas – fried pastry filled with chicken fillings

lahsooni jheenga

Lahsooni Jheenga – garlic flavoured tandoori prawns


Khumi Tikka – mushrooms stuffed with cheese and tandoori

  Next we had the Khumi Tikka; mushrooms stuffed with cheese and tandoori. It wasn’t too heavy, just the perfect amount of chicken to tantalise my tastebuds. The portions were just perfect and left us on the edge of our seats waiting for the main course.
Main Sides:
garlic naan

Garlic Naan

The garlic naan was very light and fluffy. I’m a big fan of naan bread, and this was some of the most fresh that I have tried!

keema naan - Copy

Keema Naan – chicken mince filled naan

 Next we had Keema Naan; Chicken Mince in naan bread – if you think Garlic Naan is great, you guys need to try the Keema Naan, it was its own meal. I find that stuffed naan often has tasteless bits of dry chicken inside, however this chicken filling was moist, and very moorish!
Main Course:
butter chicken.JPG

Butter Chicken

 For the main, we of course had to go for the Butter Chicken! To our surprise, it didn’t have the sweetness to it that you usually find in many local Indian restaurants. The waiter explained that the sweet version that many eat today in Australia isn’t the “real” authentic way that you’re suppose to eat butter chicken. I am so grateful to have tasted the way it is suppose to be eaten. I love that this restaurant has stuck to it’s roots, serving real Indian dishes the way they would be cooked in India – a little taste of what India is like.
butter chicken, malai kofta and (SOMETHING ELSE).JPG
 Finally, the Malai Kofta was hands down, the BEST Indian dish I have EVER tasted. I can’t come to terms with the complexity of flavour this dish had. The dumplings were cooked to perfection, soft and fluffy. The curry was surprisingly light, and creamy, and was the perfect sauce for the dumplings to sit in and absorb all that delicious flavour. This dish was nothing like the heavy, sometimes bland curries that I am use to eating at Indian restaurants, and I really think everyone has to try this dish! In fact, I would be happy to go back to Delhi By The Way and just order an endless bowl of the Malai Kofta!
Well done Susheel Kumar and his team! You service was awesome, and by the looks of your loyal customers, you guys are spreading Delhi authenticity around Potts Point and definitely in my foodie heart.
Delhi The Way
Address: 42 Kellett St, Potts Point NSW 2011
– Sun 5-11pm
– Tue 5-11pm
– Wed 5-11pm
– Thu 5-11pm
– Fri 5-11pm
– Sat 5-11pm


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