Easy Lane, Windsor



Windsor is a place I have always had fond memories of. I see it as a bit of a ‘country’ escape from Sydney city – however its not too far out, it took me about 30 minutes to get too from my house in Sydney’s Hills. I think it’s so important to escape Sydney every now and then for some peace of mind and relaxation – Well let me tell you my afternoon at Easy Lane was one of the most relaxing afternoons I have had in a long time!

Easy Lane feels like I am walking down a lane way of Surry Hills or Newtown, with contemporary wall art, and quirky tables with mismatching chairs. The layout reminded me very much of The Grounds of Alexandria, however even nicer and with a MUCH more chilled atmosphere.

We were lead to a table underneath a large fan which was awesome as it was Sydney’s hottest day of the year and the restaurant is outdoors, so no air conditioning. Although I was dripping with sweat most of the time (sorry to be graphic) the fans did work to balance the dry heat.

The menu at Easy Lane was what I call a classic Australian menu – with an array of burgers, pizzas and salads. For entree, we ordered the famous 1kg chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce.

This was a huge portion, and although we shared it between two people we couldn’t finish it, and we are BIG eaters! We looked over to the table across from us and a family were sharing these wings between six of them – so don’t do what we did and be too greedy. However these wings were heavenly! The sauce tasted like a bbq sauce, with soy sauce, or Worcestershire sauce mixed in. It was sweet, sticky and tangy, and the chicken was very succulent and just perfect really! Best wings I have had in a very long time!!

Easy Lane had an elaborate drinks menu, but what caught my eye was the cocktail list. I chose Santa’s little helper, and my fellow blogger friend Trish ordered Summer Holiday. Santa’s Little Helper was light and refreshing, but didn’t taste alcoholic at all. Summer Holiday was very tropical, it tasted like a Pina Colada but green in colour, and made me feel like I was relaxing on a Fijian island.


The first main dish we ordered was the Mediterranean Lamb Pizza. It was topped with parsley, greek yogurt, lamb, red onion, green peppers and cheese. I was hesitant to order this as I am not a huge fan of Lamb, and when chefs try to topple everything ‘Mediterranean’ onto a pizza, it often just seems like a junky pizza. However I did enjoy this pizza. The lamb was yummy and cooked well, the yogurt cut through the oiliness of the cheese. It was all in all a nice tasting pizza. The pizza dough was thin, and very fresh – so fresh that I could see the chef spinning the dough up in the air from the kitchen. It wasn’t anything to really rave on about, but it was good.


Our second main was the lamb rack with roasted potatoes and crushed chorizo. This dish was very impressive! The lamb was cooked to perfection – blushing inside. The potatoes tasted of fresh lemon and chorizo, however were a bit over-cooked. This however didn’t matter to me as the lamb was just too succulent to forget!

In between our main and dessert we had a break from food. We were so full! We definitely ordered enough for at least four people, and there were only two of us! However it was so relaxing just to sit back and listen to the live music being played. The guy singing had the sweetest voice, and played 90’s hit after 90’s hit – every song taking me down memory lane. I felt like I was in Fiji on an island, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the live relaxing music in the heat. I had no worry in the world, and I felt truly relaxed! This feeling of being completely zen is hard to come by for me, and definitely not a feeling any sydney-city restaurant will allow me to feel.

Once we had allowed our food to digest a little, the dessert came out. It was a apple crumble pizza with butterscotch sauce. This pizza was the best dessert pizza I have ever tried! The fresh berries on the top balanced the rich crumbly topping and the butterscotch sauce. I wish I had room to eat more than one slice, but I was so full!

All in all, Easy Lane was a really lovely experience, and as we drove home down scenic roads with cows feeding on grass and the music blasting, we were already planning our next trip back! It would be a great place to host a family lunch, or a Sunday afternoon get together with friends. No one rushes you out of the restaurant or makes you feel like there is a time limit for eating, you can spend the afternoon relaxing here. The food was very delicious, and I am glad I took the time to review this place, it deserves way more attention than it has already received!


WINDSOR RSL 02 4587 6900
36 Argyle Street, Windsor, NSW 2756

Recollectionsoffood were invited to dine at Easy Lane by The Atticism, however all opinions are our own.



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