Chiswick Woollahra


Chiswick is located in Sydney’s prestigious suburb of Woollahra. It boasts simple, elegant food that is always fresh and in season. It is modern-Australian food, with hints of French-themes throughout the menu.

I remember driving down ocean street and thinking to myself, what is that beautiful property? I saw a long white house, set back on the road surrounded by a massive manicured garden.

A while later I was having a conversation with my friend, and she was telling me about a beautiful restaurant in Woollahra called Chiswick. It so happened that that beautiful restaurant was the property that I had driven past a few months before.

Of course, I had to visit! A few days later I booked an 8.30 table, to take my Dad out for dinner. There were very few spots available, and it was a Wednesday night! I could immanently tell that if this place was booked out on a Wednesday, it would be good!

The restaurant was surrounded with windows, which would make it a perfect location for a lunch date. We were seated near the window and were greeted by a french waiter which was appropriate seeing that the restaurant boasted french elements.

Our first course was a Tartare of Beef with a soft boiled quail egg and quinoa chips. I am not a big fan of raw meat, however this didnt taste of raw meat, but that of succulently soft meat marinated in lemon and herbs. It was really delicious! We coupled this starter with a glass of proscecco which was very appropriate seeing that the meat was quite heavy.


For the main, Dad chose the Moran family lamb with fresh greens from the garden. I have to say, this lamb definitely delivered on  quantity, quality, and flavour! It was so so succulent, falling apart! Even the bone was falling apart! It was drizzled with a fresh mint sauce that was zingy and really went well with the lamb. The lamb also came with roasted carrots topped with Dukkah and labneh – which of course I loved as it paid homage to my Arabic heritage!

Finally, for dessert we shared the mango meringue with cookie crumb and mango sorbet! This was light, and has a marsh-mellow texture, perfect end to a delicious, but heavy meal.

I would definitely recommend Chiswick as a restaurant full of real, fresh, high quality food. It is not pretentious food in any way, and definitely not fancy like you would get at Quay, Sepia or Est., however it was delicious and perfect for a father daughter night out.


65 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025


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