The Two Wolves Community Cantina

The Two Wolves Community Cantina is nestled on the corner of Broadway and city road in Sydney’s city. It boasts a mexican feel, that is very warm and welcoming.

The story behind this place is worth learning about. With the idea of urging individuals from the first world to explore the poverty and needs of the third world, the Cardoner Project set out to run immersion projects in poverty-stuck nations, with the aim to motivate individuals to see beyond their own needs, and look to the needs of others crying out for help.

The restaurant is non for profit, and all proceeds go towards running these immersion projects. All workers, except the head chef at The Two Wolves are volunteer, and most have themselves been on an immersion project and have been changed by the experience.

But don’t think that because the workers are volunteers, that the food would be lacking. The menu has been created and inspired by a variety to popular cafes and restaurants around sydney, with many big names in the culinary industry coming together to make this restaurant a happening place with quality food!

I personally enjoyed the Korean fried chicken the most – I would go as far as to say that it was the tastiest fried chicken I have ever eaten!

Definitely give this place a try, it is well worth it and is money WELL SPENT!

Also check out the post on, where recollections of food was rated the 22nd best blog in Australia!

The Two Wolves:

202 Broadway, Ultimo, New South Wales

02 8039 3595

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