Bare Grill, La Perouse


For the past few weeks, I have filled days trying burger after burger in search of something quite spectacular. The journey was long however enjoyable (of course!), and I have discovered that Sydney has some pretty perfect burgers on offer! After my trip to Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, I was inspired by their perfectly handcrafted, burgers; with a soft bun, oozing cheese, crispy bacon and a succulent, thick meat patty. I thought that Sydney didn’t have burgers that compared other than the classic Aussie burger that I grew up with, with bacon, egg, meat, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, tomato and beetroot. But I was so wrong!

With the The Fatties burger appreciation society on Facebook booming with 20,000 members, Sydney foodies seem to always be on the hunt for the highest quality burger around – and these foodies are hard to please, they are burger connoisseurs to say the least!

But what I can say is after my search for this perfect burger is that Bare Grill Cafe in La Perouse produced my favourite burger so far! The infamous burger is called ‘The Fatties Burger’ created for the The Fatties burger appreciation society. It consists of double beef, bacon, American cheese, gherkins and house sauce for the amazing price of $10. I think the highlight and the secret ingredient of this burger was the house sauce which was creamy, but zesty, and also surprisingly refreshing. The meat was incredibly succulent and the bread was so, so soft!

The owner of this place told me that he certainly did his research before opening his own burger shop. He and his family traveled all around the United States taste testing burgers to find what ingredients were essential to create the best tasting burger. I say that Bare Grill’s burgers are so amazing because they do not compromise on quality, everything is cooked with care and all ingredients are hot and fresh!

But wait, there is more! Their new fish burger designed by Simon from is incredibly refreshing and again high quality! The fish is lightly battered and fried and coupled with coleslaw and a dill and gherkin mayonnaise. If you are a fish lover, this burger is also delicious!

And finally, you wont believe it, but as well as producing my favourite burger in Sydney, Bare Grill also have authentic gelato on offer. I would go as far as to say that it is better than messina and Cow and moon, and should be compared more to a very authentic gelato that has a mouse-like texture, much like Rivareno gelato on Crown street in Sydney, or that which I has in Bologna in Italy.

Everyone has to visit this place, its worth the drive out to La Perouse, you will not be dissapointed!

Thanks to Ompty for inviting me. Head over to for some incredible discounts on some of the best Eastern Suburbs cafe’s and restaurants including Bare Grill.

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