Eating my way through L.A.

IMG_3311 My first trip to America, junk food was always going to happen! Here are a few snaps from my recent trip to LA. IMG_1728 IMG_1683 IMG_1689


Oh how I loved the Mexican food in LA. Authentic or not, it was definitely so much better than what we get here in Sydney. My favourite was a standard chicken burrito with black bean, although each place has their own version of a burrito. I was also a massive fan of Chipotle!


This crepe cafe in Santa Monica was one of our favourite places to go for a late night drink, or a light dinner. The nutella crepe, and the Salmon Salad are both really delicious!


These Chocolate peanut butter cups from trader joes’s are amazing! Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that is only in California.


In and Out is a fast food place that is only in California. Apparently, each employee has a share in the business, making them hard working staff who care for their workplace. The fries are freshly cut to order (I saw them grab a whole potato and slice it through a big press) and they have the best texture! It is best when the burger is ordered ‘animal style’ which is not offered on the menu, but is more of a ‘secret’ add on. Animal style is fried onions and melted cheese on top of the meat. The chips can also be ordered ‘animal style’ too!






IMG_1796 IMG_1841 IMG_1907 IMG_1918 IMG_1958 IMG_1960 IMG_1964     IMG_2078 IMG_2099 IMG_2100 IMG_2102 IMG_2115 IMG_2117


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