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Obviously, meal times in Paris meant a mission to eat as many ‘typically french’ dishes as possible. It also meant a week of eating high fat, high carb, highly delicious food! After a long walk around the ground of Versailles, I was starving and my stomach was screaming for crepes.

Last time Dad and I visited Versailles, we had crepes from this exact place. I remember Dad ordering the ‘burger’ crepe, thinking that it was going to be like an American hamburger. Obviously, much to our oblivion, it meant crepes with raw meat, or steak tartare – we are known to make these oblivious assumptions when we travel. It was like the time we were in Bolongna, Italy, and I wanted my usual skim Latte. After realising that they didn’t know what I meant by skim milk, we settled for just a regular latte. The line was huge, our train was almost ready to leave, but we waited because the coffee craving was ridiculous. However, when my ‘latte’ arrived I realised it was simply warm milk. WARM MILK! Yes, i’m an idiot, latte in Italian means milk! Anyway, back to the Crepe we enjoyed on this trip. I ordered the crepe with cheese, ham and salami (apparently one of their most popular) and it was delicious. There were no genius flavour combinations or anything like that, it was a simple crepe, cooked well! My sister ordered the ‘pizza crepe’ which I thought was a crime to order, seeing that we were in France. I hate the idea of turning one food into another. However, this pizza crepe was very thin, crisp and really enjoyable.

(I’m really sorry, I forgot the name of this place, but it is on the main strip where the restaurants are)


IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0396

Another fantastic restaurant that we visited was an Italian restaurant called Les Vitelloni. It was dark, small and dingy, like most of the restaurants in Paris, and saw a family of five crammed in amongst many other large families. However, this made the restaurant seem very cozy and added to the warmth that their traditional Italian food brought. We were told that their specialty was a cheesy Lasagne, and so every one apart from me opted for that. I, however, had clams on my mind, and when I saw Spaghetti Vongole on the menu, I couldn’t talk myself into getting anything else. The cheesy Lasagne was quite extraordinary. It tasted like Parmesan, and was drizzled with a beautiful, zesty pesto. It was however, extremely rich and something that should probably be shared between two, coupled with a big salad. My Vongole was everything that I had hoped for. My only other experience of Vongole was in Florence, and wasn’t the best experience may I say – the whole dish was gritty, so bad! But these Vongole had been cleaned so well and had no sand in sight, the dish was steaming hot, and the parsley/garlic/olive oil combination was perfect and very tasty! May I add, everyone else were so full after their heavy cheesy lasagne, and were jealous of my Spaghetti Vongole that was very fresh and surprisingly light and refreshing.

Les Vitelloni

4 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris, FranceIMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0507

On our last night in Paris, it was time to blow the budget and indulge in a seafood feast. We found a restaurant called L’ilot that was tiny, as usual, and filled to the brim. Large platters of seafood, some unknown types, flew out the door and crowned each table. We HAD to eat here! We ordered the seafood platter, as well as a cured fish plate. What I loved a lot about this restaurant was the dense, chewy, seeded bread and salty butter that kept being refilled as we ate and ate. Something about dense bread and fresh fish is so perfect! The oysters were very fresh, so much so that my little sister that doesn’t usually eat oysters was sliding them down quite easily. The langoustines were so good! Why don’t we get these in Australia! They tasted like a mix between prawn and lobster, both of which are my favourite seafood! I loved the baby prawns that were icy cold, and could be eaten whole, and were so juicy. This restaurant was definitely a beautiful way to end a week of over-eating!


4 Rue de la Corderie

75003 Paris


IMG_0588 IMG_0589

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