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Foodie Trip across Australia

It was adventurous. It was eye opening. It took forever! The thought of driving across Australia seemed like the ultimate road trip, and it was, but two days on one straight road at 150km/hr across the middle of Australia made me realise that I had perhaps a Romanticised view of driving across Australia. But nonetheless, it was an experience that I will treasure forever and one that taught me so much about Australia’s national cuisine. Its so hard to define what the Australian cuisine is. I guess the best description is a cuisine made up of hundreds of cuisines. I can say, travelling across Australia and sampling some of our best produce opened my eyes to what our national cuisine is, food that we can be proud to call Australian.

I think one of my favourite treats when we are on Australian road trips is the brekky rolls! I had a particularly delicious one in Apollo Bay! The bread was fresh and so so soft! the bacon was perfectly crisp and the egg was cooked perfectly! Ahhhh it was a ‘am I in heaven moment!’ (yes I get excited about little things like brekky rolls, clearly i’m a foodie!)

I love it when you dont expect to be eating anything good when you pull up to a not to exciting town, but then find a hidden gem! When we pulled into Mt Gambier we were greeted by factories and ugly commercial roads, as well as rain! However, the deeper we explored this place, the more fascinating it became. From sink holes to blue volcanic lakes, this place turned out to be one of the most exciting places we visited on our trip! But the best thing about Mt Gambier was definitely ‘The Barn.’ Whilst wine tasting in Coonawarra after checking in, we asked the wine maker which restaurant he would recommend for dinner, and off his tongue rolled the words ‘Best steak ever…’ He had said those words without a pause and without really getting excited, but Dad and I looked straight at each other and decided without even speaking that that was where we had to go. After making a booking, we turned up to this absolutely classy Barn! The restaurant looked fine dining to say the least! I felt like I was in a three Michelin star restaurant in the middle of New York, but we were in the middle of no where! And what was even better was that the tables were filled with farmers! But ohhhh baby that steak was to die for. I was absolutely in heaven, possibly the best steak I have ever eaten.

You know that feeling when you are dying for fresh fruit on a holiday? Well that feeling hit me fast. All the incredible, but rich food we were eating saw me CRAVE some fruit. Driving along the highway, we came across a little farmers market with amazing fruit! The mangoes were so sweet and were an incredible 50c each! I was a happy camper in the back of our car hoeing into the fruit!

Another incredible dish we had while away was the whiting in Ceduna. Never in my life have I tasted fish so fresh, so succulent and so sweet! I literally could have eaten 8 fillets by myself, but I had to restrain myself.

Lastly, making it all the way over to Western Australia was an accomplishment and a relief to say the least. Eight days of driving just to get to the other side of Australia was crazy! So what was so comforting was arriving in Denmark and checking into our cottage. YES A COTTAGE. What was even more incredible was the lady at the front desk gave us free reign on the fruit and veg patch out the back, and ohh baby I was in heaven again! From the fig trees to the berries, to zucchinis the size of my arm! This place was a dream, and I have to admit, I felt so much like Jamie Oliver cooking up the produce from the garden outside!

There was so much more food that we enjoyed along the way, and so many more experiences that I haven’t shared. But I loved this trip, I would certainly recommend this trip to anyone!


Incredible variety of fresh cheese from Millawa!


Possibly the best steak I have ever had from The Barn in Mt Gambier. The restaurant was so classy and their specialty was steak! LOVE THIS!


Good ole’ Steak Sandwich in the Barossa


Fresh Fruit!!! Love the local produce. Mangoes were about 50c each!


I spelt Nullarbor wrong!


Yes, I was in heaven! Like a kid in a lolly shop!


Fresh Figs


Amazing chicken in Margaret River


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