Review | Dining at Liku Liku Lagoon

Dining at Liku Liku Lagoon

While in Fiji during the Christmas holidays, I was lucky enough to dine twice at the renound Fijiana restaurant at Fiji’s 2013 best overseas resort Liku Liku lagoon! The food here was outstanding, from the fresh scallops, to the Goats Cheese Tortellini, to the Banoffee Pie dessert! I was in a foodie’s heaven! I loved how the food was contemporary, but still had a Fiji twist incorporated into the menu.

I can only imagine how difficult it would have been for the chef to create a fine dining Fiji inspired menu, from a cuisine that prides itself on their lovo feasts and curries, but he has certainly succeeded!

The decor in the restaurant was so beautifully islander-themed, from the table cloth to the wooden chairs. Half way through our dinner, while dining in a private room, we heard loud singing and instruments coming from the restaurant. Before we knew it, what seemed like the entirety of the people staying at the resort, along with the staff were in our dining room singing to us and calling everyone up to dance. I was so surprised, and couldn’t stop smiling, as the people staying at the resort had planned to surprise our table! And what was even more surprising was that they did this on both nights that we were at Liku Liku for dinner! Overall I had the best time at Fijiana and would seriously recommend anyone dine there!



Liku Liku Lagoon


Goats Cheese Tortellini


Beautiful Fijian Decor


Crisp Zucchini Bhaji, Tamarind Sauce


Tomato and Basil Sorbet


Banoffee Pie




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