Travel | Tapas


Spain to me was a sort of bliss or haven, a paradise in amongst a European winter. Stepping off the plane, wrapped up like a bandage and expecting a hit of icy air perhaps displayed my ignorance to spain’s climate. An immense feeling of relief struck me when I realised that there was no icy air and no grey skies. In fact I quickly started to panic as I realised I had far to may layers of clothing on and I was beginning to sweat. But the longing to simply wear a t-shirt and jeans, the feeling that I had felt while stuck in my London hotel room, had become a reality. After checking into our hotel along La Rumbla, Barcelona, I quickly threw off the ridiculous amount of layers I had on and put on my new ‘I love Paris’ t-shirt and my recently-purchased blue jeans. I was ready to embrace this vibrant city and its warm air. But it wasn’t just the air that was warm, it was the people too. Walking the streets, smiles were passed on to us by strangers and children ran the streets of the city safely and parent-free. It truly was a haven. The first Tapas bar we went to was called Tapas 24 It embodied all the class of Spanish Tapas as well as the flavour. It is fair to say that it was of the best food experiences that I have ever had. It was a dining experience that would ignite our taste buds for the food journey they were about to endure.

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